Hi! How are you?

Hi! How are you?
Good, thanks! How are you?

How many times have you had some variation of the conversation above? For me, at least once a day seems about right. It happens when I pass people in the halls at work, when I’m checking out at the grocery store or when I talk to friends and family on the phone on my drive home.

These brief conversations are polite and there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with them. The cashier at Whole Foods probably doesn’t need to know that you’re having a bad day, but your friends do. I’d dare to say that they want to know those details because they love and care about you. Even knowing this, I generally stick with the standard “good, how are you,” response because it’s easy, predictable and keeps emotions at bay. But every now and then I let those emotions out of their cage, take a deep breath and share them with someone I trust.

It always has a positive outcome, but it never gets any easier. For whatever reason, bearing your soul, even to people who want to see it, can be a terrifying and exhausting feat to overcome. At Make sure your friends are okay., we’re humbly asking you to take steps toward making those conversations easier by doing one thing – starting them.

You know your friends and you know when something seems off. Don’t wait for them to bring it up, be bold and start the conversation. We’ll be here building a community of people that support you and providing resources to get you started.

In the coming weeks, you’ll meet our team, some of our partners and learn more about what we do. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter and check out our merchandise to support our mission — a portion of proceeds will benefit mental health organizations.

Welcome to Make sure your friends are okay., we’re so glad you’re here.