Justin Moreno

Justin Moreno is the founder of Make sure your friends are okay. He guides our team to ensure we’re taking steps toward our goal of encouraging people to have meaningful discussions with those they care about.

Justin’s favorite conversation starter:

I like opening up conversations with honest and direct questions so I can dive right in to the deep and important stuff instead of small talk.

Hunter Moreno
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Hunter is the co-founder and creative director of MSYFAO. Through his use of exceptional photography and storytelling through cinematography, he brings life to set to capture the most natural moments. 

Hunter’s favorite conversation starter:

Follow up on something I saw them post on Instagram to open up the conversation. Once the person feels comfortable talking with me, I like to ask who has made the biggest impact on the person they’ve become.

Aly Faucett
Communications Director

Aly is the wordsmith behind MSYFAO’s web content. Through creative communications and copywriting, Aly turns big ideas into meaningful messages that express our vision and values. 

Aly’s favorite conversation starter: 

Follow up on something you chatted about recently. Even small things like asking how someone’s passion project is progressing or how their weekend road trip went shows that you’re listening and truly care about their lives.

Jacob Gutman
Director of Production

Jacob plans and strategizes new media and content opportunities for MSYFAO. Together, Jacob and Hunter make up the media branch of the company. In addition to production work, Jacob also helps maintain MSYFAO’s overall business needs.

Jacob’s favorite conversation starter:

Sometimes it’s best to address things head-on. A simple “Hey – tell me what’s going on,” can go a long way.

Adena Worona, LMSW
Director of Partnerships

Given her background as a mental health therapist, Adena leads MSYFAO’s efforts to build innovative partnerships with leading mental health providers. Adena is breaking down the barriers to mental health services and making it easier for individuals to access the support they need.

Adena’s favorite conversation starter:

Ask your friend for a suggestion for a new TV series, movie, restaurant, or recent vacation. It’s a great way to learn more about their interests and get the conversation rolling.