5 Tips To Stay Connected During “Social Distancing”

The news of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has caused many people to experience feelings of uncertainty, worry or frustration. The fear of the unknown and what lies ahead has left many of us with anxiety and uneasiness. This is a strange and unfamiliar situation, but we’re all in this together.

We know isolation is the right thing to do right now, but it’s crucial that we also observe how we’re feeling and speak up about our needs. While social distancing is important, we must all find ways to connect with each other, because when we don’t feel connected to others, we are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, or self-doubt.

So how can we take care of our social well-being while still avoiding exposure to COVID-19? Here are 5 tips for how to support yourself and your friends:

1. Take this as an opportunity to connect with your friends, family and loved ones through technology and social media.

2. Limit your exposure to the news 24/7 while still staying up to date.

3. Get fresh air, open the windows, take a walk if you’re not restricted to your home. Sunlight and being outside is good for everyone.

4. Take care of your body: exercise, use guided meditation or yoga (many gyms and studios are offering free online classes: CorePower Yoga, The Bar Method, Planet Fitness, STRONG by Zumba, to name a few).

5. Create a routine: get dressed, set your usual alarm, shower, eat what you normally would.

Please note, therapists are still providing services during this time, if not in person, then through video chat.

Remember conversations are still going on and self-care is not called off. So, check-in on one another, make sure your friends are okay. Things will get better and get back to normal.

Our partner, Mental Health America compiled this list of resources to assist you and your friends further, feel free to take a look.

This blog was written by Adena Worona, LMSW. Adena is a licensed therapist in New York City and leads MSYFAO’s efforts to build innovative partnerships with leading mental health providers.